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Structural Engineering Services

Our comprehensive structural engineering services encompass a wide spectrum of specialized areas, offering valuable insights into challenging scenarios like seismic design and construction complexities in hot and arid climates. We prioritize the analysis of foundation engineering solutions, recognizing their critical role in building design. Our Geotechnical Department collaborates closely, aiding in site investigation preparation and result interpretation.

Our structural engineering services can be seamlessly integrated into multidisciplinary teams or provided as independent consultancy services. Our offerings include:

Structural Services

Design of various structure types
Review and verification of existing designs
Inspection and remedial solutions for structures facing issues
Third Party Design review

Types of Structures Covered

  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Pre-Stressed Concrete Structures
  • Masonry Structures
  • Wood Structures
  • Steel Structures Trust us to provide expert guidance and solutions for your structural engineering needs.