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Dilapidation Survey services

Super Arc Consultant (SAC) Surveyors lead the inspection of the structural condition of buildings and structures, usually undertaken before starting a development, construction, alterations or demolition. Councils may ask for a report as part of a resource consent application.

Purpose of dilapidation report

Super Arc Consultant (SAC) offers a full range of specialist structural engineering and surveying services including comprehensive dilapidation and condition surveys, deformation surveys, subsidence monitoring, precise monitoring surveys and installation of piezometers and ground monitoring stations.

SAC Dilapidation surveys provides As-built arrangements and systems – including building structure, MEP, Fire and Life Safety, façade, and civil components – and are compared to as built information assets and design documentation to identify building defects or discrepancies.

Dilapidation Inspection in Abu Dhabi

We have completed a wide range of dilapidation (defects) surveys and deformation monitoring throughout UAE for;

  • Multi storey commercial and apartment developments
  • Heritage structures
  • Infrastructure, roads and rail tracks
  • Residential buildings
  • Dams, wharves, retaining walls
  • Cliff and Slip monitoring
  • Ground deformation monitoring
  • Construction sites