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GSM Towers

Design of foundations & Supervision of civil works, technical support and

Permitting For Hundreds Of Gsm Towers For Etisalat And Du

Our collaboration with Etisalat and DU involved the meticulous design and implementation of robust foundations, ensuring structural stability and resilience to support the complex GSM tower installations. Our dedicated team of engineers, driven by a passion for precision, meticulously supervised every aspect of the civil works, adhering to the highest industry standards and specifications.

Moreover, SAC provided extensive technical support throughout the project lifecycle, offering valuable insights and strategic guidance to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the GSM tower deployments. We partnered with Etisalat and DU in navigating the intricate landscape of permitting, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and expediting the approval processes seamlessly.

The successful completion of these projects underscores SAC’s expertise in telecommunications infrastructure engineering, showcasing our ability to deliver on our promises and contribute to the seamless connectivity that powers modern society. At SAC, we remain committed to advancing the telecommunications sector and exceeding client expectations through our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

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