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Design Review of Ground Improvement Works

Third Party Design Review


The Client have appointed SAC to carry out a review of the soil improvement contractor design submittal for ground improvement using rigid inclusion technique for a local Road Rehabilitation.

Project Description:

The Development project includes residential villas, community and infrastructure facilities. Part of the infrastructure, particularly the roads has experienced settlement issues. As a solution to this issues, The contractor has been instructed to enhance the soil beneath the roads that has experienced settlement issues. In accordance with the road settlement assessment report which was conducted by the main consultant, the observed settlement measures approximately 50-60 mm.

To improve this settled road foundations, The soil improvement contractor proposed based on his experience to use rigid inclusions capable of achieving a bearing capacity of 50.0 kPa while a limiting settlement of 25mm (Typical for roads).


The Soil Improvement Design Review report for the Road Rehabilitation project has been awarded a status of Code “B” (Approved with comments) as per the comments highlighted in the report submitted by SAC to the client.

Why Third Party Design review is important?

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