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The Diamond Tower – Dubai

Existing Residential Tower – Structural Assessment

Solving Persistent Issues: A Structural Assessment?️

Embarking on a mission to tackle persistent water infiltration in an existing Hotel tower, our journey began with a comprehensive structural assessment. Focusing on distressed basements 1 & 2, we delved into the heart of the issue to unearth the root cause.

Our meticulous approach encompassed not only a thorough analysis but also the preparation of precise tender documents and meticulous evaluation of repair contractors. Supervision was a key pillar, ensuring every step of the process aligned with our rigorous standards.

Year after year, the client grappled with a water-filled basement despite desperate repair attempts. It was clear that a fresh perspective and a holistic understanding were needed to break this cycle. We provided them with a detailed Comprehensive Assessment report, offering not just a diagnosis, but a roadmap for effective repair works to address the issue at its core.

Today, we proudly showcase a successful intervention, resolving the water infiltration challenge and restoring peace of mind for the client.

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