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The Ciel Tower – Dubai

Under Construction Hotel – Geotechnical & Structural Assessment

A Geotechnical & Structural Exploration

In the midst of constructing the city’s tallest hotel tower, our client faced a significant challenge. The local entity had raised concerns, attributing the subsidence of the bridge retaining wall and quay wall to our under-construction hotel tower. With this accusation echoing, we undertook a meticulous geotechnical and structural assessment to ascertain the facts.

Our technical study focused on evaluating the effect of Ciel Tower’s foundations and shoring systems on the nearby bridge retaining wall and quay wall. Through rigorous analysis and precise measurements, we uncovered a surprising truth: our tower had no impact on either structure. Instead, the issue stemmed from the design of the bridge itself.

Equipped with our comprehensive findings, we collaborated with the local entity to address the true source of the problem, fostering a better understanding and fostering a collaborative path forward. Today, construction on this remarkable hotel tower continues unhindered, embodying structural resilience and community cooperation

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