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DMC Building – Structural Repairs & Soil Improvement Works

SAC has done a geotechnical settlement analysis, conclusions, and recommendations for the completed DMC building Structural Repairs and Soil Improvement Works project, successfully executed by Super Arc Consultant.

The analysis was initiated based on an initial study and structural inspection, forming the foundation for this comprehensive assessment. Upon careful scrutiny during the Structural Inspection & Condition Assessment, visible movements, active cracks, and water leakage were observed in the Visual Inspection phase. In response, extensive site visits, statics analysis, and geotechnical analysis were conducted to delve into the specifics of the case and devise a strategic approach.

As of the completion of this project, movements persist within the structure, underlining the critical need for appropriate engineering methodologies to address the root cause effectively. These ongoing movements pose a risk, potentially leading to further cracks in the building. This study has been designed to calculate the anticipated settlement and identify the fundamental causes of these movements.

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