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Shoring Assessment  Fashions by DANUBE

Reinforcing Foundations: Shoring Structural and Geotechnical Assessment for Dubai Fashionz by DANUBE

Explore our expertise as specialized consultants in the evaluation and enhancement of the existing shoring system for JVT’s prestigious project, Dubai Fashionz by DANUBE. This remarkable residential and commercial tower boasts an impressive architectural design, comprising (G+5 Podium+56 floor + Roof).

The project scenario involved completed shoring system works, including piles and soldier beams. Our mission was to seamlessly resume construction works by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the existing shoring structure and its geotechnical aspects. Notably, the anchor implementations remain a critical focus, necessitating confirmation post-excavation until the Waller beams.

Stay tuned for updates as we contribute our specialized knowledge to fortify the foundations of this iconic project, ensuring safety, stability, and structural excellence.

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