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Residential Tower

Empowering Tower Stability: Engineering Interpretative Report (EIR) for a Residential Tower – Dubai, UAE

SAC proudly completed a critical project in collaboration with a client, focusing on the comprehensive engineering analysis of the residential tower. The Engineering Interpretative Report (EIR) generated from this project integrates geotechnical findings, numerical geotechnical analysis, statics analysis, and expert interpretation, presenting key recommendations.

The objective was clear: identify the root causes of tower settlement, analyze the observed defects, and devise precise recommendations to ensure the tower’s structural integrity and safety. Our approach entailed a thorough examination of geotechnical data, numerical simulations, and statics analysis.

The recommendations furnished in this report stem from a meticulous interpretation of design information, visual inspections, condition assessments conducted by SAC, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). It’s important to note that these recommendations align with geotechnical investigation reports, condition assessments, piling designs, and the structural design of the tower.

SAC has diligently executed this project, delivering the Engineering Interpretative Report (EIR) to the client. Our recommended solutions are designed to guide our client in addressing the identified issues, ensuring the tower’s stability and resilience, and fostering a safe environment.

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