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Residential Tower, Abu Dhabi

Comprehensive Review, Assessment, and Structural Rehabilitation Supervision for an under construction Residential Tower in Abu Dhabi

SAC, acting as a specialized consultant, successfully completed a multifaceted project involving a thorough review of the existing design, comprehensive condition assessment, and subsequent geotechnical and structural design solutions. Our role extended to the supervision of repair and rehabilitation efforts, ensuring optimal structural integrity and safety in alignment with industry standards and best practices.

Scope of Work

Review of Existing Design

SAC initiated the project by conducting a detailed review of the existing design plans, scrutinizing architectural and engineering drawings, specifications, and associated project documentation. This provided a foundational understanding of the structure’s original design intent.

Comprehensive Condition Assessment

Building upon the design review, SAC proceeded to conduct an extensive on-site condition assessment. Our team meticulously examined the structural components, identified any signs of distress or deterioration, and assessed the extent of structural damage to formulate an accurate diagnosis.

Geotechnical and Structural Design Solutions

Based on the condition assessment, SAC formulated precise geotechnical and structural design solutions. Geotechnical aspects were evaluated, and appropriate design modifications were recommended to enhance the foundation’s stability. Additionally, comprehensive structural design solutions were crafted to address identified weaknesses and ensure structural robustness.

Design Solution Implementation and Repair Supervision

SAC actively supervised the implementation of the design solutions during the repair and rehabilitation phase. Our team provided on-site oversight, ensuring that repairs were executed in adherence to the recommended design modifications, materials, and construction methodologies.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Throughout the repair and rehabilitation process, SAC upheld stringent quality assurance protocols, meticulously monitoring compliance with industry standards, local regulations, and the recommended design solutions.

This included periodic inspections and testing to validate the integrity and safety of the executed repairs. The successful completion of this project exemplifies SAC’s expertise in structural engineering, geotechnical analysis, and the ability to provide comprehensive design solutions.

Our commitment to delivering optimal structural rehabilitation and adhering to best practices underscores SAC’s dedication to ensuring the longevity and safety of existing structures.

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