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Ground Improvement Works for Damaged Citizen Houses in Different Areas in Emirate of Abu Dhabi

SAC proudly served as a sub-consultant to Altorath International in a significant project focused on soil improvement works. Our role encompassed a comprehensive review of available relevant documentation, the design of soil improvement works, preparation of detailed drawings and recommendations, as well as the meticulous creation of tender documents. Additionally, we played a crucial role in the evaluation of contractors and provided supervision throughout the project.

Scope of Work

Documentary Review

The project commenced with an extensive review of all pertinent documentation related to the project, including site surveys, soil reports, and any existing relevant plans or studies. This provided a solid foundation for subsequent phases of the project.

Design of Soil Improvement Works

Leveraging the data obtained from the documentation review, SAC’s team of experts meticulously designed the soil improvement works. This involved analyzing soil conditions, determining the appropriate soil improvement techniques, and creating a detailed design plan to optimize soil stability and load-bearing capacity.

Preparation of Drawings and Recommendations

Comprehensive drawings were prepared, showcasing the proposed soil improvement works in detail. Additionally, SAC generated recommendations based on the analysis and design, outlining precise implementation strategies for achieving optimal results.

Tender Document Preparation

Drawing upon our expertise, SAC prepared a comprehensive set of tender documents. These documents included all necessary technical specifications, project requirements, and contractual terms to ensure a transparent and competitive bidding process.

Contractor Evaluation and Supervision

SAC actively participated in the evaluation of contractors bidding for the project, assessing their capabilities, experience, and proposals. Upon contractor selection, our team provided ongoing supervision to ensure compliance with design specifications and project requirements throughout the execution phase.

The successful completion of this project highlights SAC’s expertise in soil engineering and our ability to contribute significantly to critical aspects of the project life cycle. Our commitment to precision, excellence, and seamless collaboration with Altorath International resulted in the efficient implementation of soil improvement measures, contributing to the overall success of the project.

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