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Geotechnical Sub-Consultancy and Soil Improvement Supervision for Reem Hills Island

SAC served as a Geotechnical Sub-Consultant in the esteemed Reem Hills Island project, focusing on comprehensive soil improvement works. Our role entailed diligent supervision and oversight of the soil improvement processes, ensuring the successful enhancement of soil properties for optimal construction and development on the island.

Scope of Work

Site Assessment and Soil Analysis

SAC initiated the project by conducting an in-depth site assessment and soil analysis. Detailed soil investigations were carried out to assess the existing soil conditions, compaction, bearing capacity, and geotechnical properties critical for the design of appropriate soil improvement techniques.

Construction Oversight and Supervision

SAC provided continuous on-site supervision during the soil improvement phase. Our team ensured that the construction activities adhered to the design specifications, safety protocols, and environmental standards, guaranteeing the effective implementation of the chosen soil improvement methodologies.

Quality Control and Assurance

Throughout the soil improvement works, SAC implemented stringent quality control measures. This involved regular testing, monitoring, and verification to maintain the quality and integrity of the soil improvement processes and materials utilized.

Progress Reporting and Documentation

SAC maintained detailed records and provided periodic progress reports to the main consulting entity, offering valuable insights into the advancements of the soil improvement works. These reports included assessments of progress against milestones, challenges faced, and proposed solutions.

Client Collaboration and Coordination

SAC maintained open lines of communication and collaborated closely with the main consulting entity, ensuring seamless coordination and alignment of the geotechnical efforts with the overall project objectives.

The successful completion of the Reem Hills Island soil improvement project reflects SAC’s expertise in geotechnical engineering and soil enhancement methodologies.

Our dedication to precision, quality supervision, and effective collaboration underscores SAC’s commitment to facilitating the construction of a solid foundation for successful infrastructure on the island.

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