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Alpine Coaster (Jebel Jais – Sledder)

Hydrological and Hydraulic Assessment of Alpine Coaster

Enabling Safe Adventures: Hydrological & Hydraulic Assessment for Alpine Coaster Project

Discover how our expert team conducted a thorough Hydrological and Hydraulic Assessment for the exciting Jebel Jis sledder study, aiming to evaluate the project location’s water dynamics and prevent potential flood hazards. Our specialized services encompassed hydraulic design, flood risk assessments, drainage solutions, and sustainable water resource management.

? Study Objectives

Conducted a regional site description and defined project boundaries.

Explored geological, geomorphic, and hydrological aspects within the project area.

Determined wadi characteristics, including drainage network and basins in the site and its surroundings.

Analyzed rainfall data to establish rainfall frequency curves and depths for varying return periods (10, 25, 50, 100-yr).

Studied and estimated hydraulic response and flood discharges intersecting the project area.

Analyzed hydraulic characteristics of proposed site improvements and their impact on surrounding areas.

Proposed suitable solutions for affected wadis on the project site.

Presented recommendations for hydraulic design, water drainage, and effective mitigation measures.

Our comprehensive assessment focused on ensuring the safety and resilience of the Alpine Coaster project, providing valuable insights and recommendations for a thrilling yet secure adventure.

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