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Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic assessment

Hydrology and Hydrogeology

Our Specialty in hydrology, water resources, water treatment, landscape architecture, ecology, climate science, sustainability, and environmental assessment provide a pool of resources that add to a holistic approach to sustainable water management. We work with our clients to identify key development and operational risks, and design and implement cost effective water management measures in accordance with best practice and local legislation. Here are the key services provided:

Hydrological Analysis & Hydrological survey

Conducting studies to analyze the distribution, movement, and properties of water in the environment, critical for effective water resource management.

Flood Risk Assessment and Management

Evaluating flood risks, developing floodplain management strategies, and designing flood protection systems to minimize the impact of floods on communities and infrastructure.

Dam and Reservoir Engineering

Design, analysis, and maintenance of dams, reservoirs, and related hydraulic structures to ensure water storage, supply, and flood control.

Water Supply and Distribution

Designing efficient systems for sourcing, treating, and distributing clean water to communities, industries, and agriculture.

Wastewater Management

Designing and implementing wastewater treatment and disposal systems to ensure safe and responsible management of sewage and industrial effluents.

Irrigation Systems

Designing and optimizing irrigation systems to efficiently distribute water for agricultural purposes, maximizing crop yields while conserving water.

Pumping Station Design

Designing pumping systems and stations to transport water from one location to another, essential for various applications like irrigation, water supply, and drainage.

Stormwater Management

Designing sustainable solutions to manage stormwater runoff, including drainage systems, retention basins, and permeable pavements to reduce flooding and pollution.

Hydraulic Modeling and Simulation

Utilizing advanced software to model and simulate hydraulic systems, enabling accurate predictions and optimizing the design of various water-related projects.

Erosion and Sediment Control

Developing erosion control strategies and sediment management plans to prevent soil erosion and protect water quality in construction and development projects.

Hydraulic Structures Design

Designing hydraulic structures such as weirs, culverts, and spillways to control and manage the flow of water for various applications, including flood control and irrigation.

Hydraulic Safety and Risk Assessment

Assessing potential risks associated with hydraulic systems and implementing safety measures to ensure the protection of life, property, and the environment.

Environmental Engineering

Addressing environmental concerns and compliance with regulations, including waste management, pollution control, and sustainability initiatives

SAC’s Hydraulic Engineering services encompass these crucial areas, aiming to optimize water usage, mitigate risks, and create sustainable solutions for a water-resilient future.