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Conditional Assessment Service

SAC’s Building condition assessment services are exceptionally thorough and include a comprehensive evaluation of the entire building, spanning from below ground level to the roof. Our systematic inspection and review process thoroughly examines the building’s structures, Foundations and systems, aiming to identify any physical deficiencies that may require repair or replacement. We provide detailed reports to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the building’s condition.

Building condition assessment in Abu Dhabi

Furthermore, our standard condition assessment aims to uncover root causes of issues and assess damage extent, while customized testing services are available to predict service life and determine optimal repair solutions, including associated repair and maintenance budget estimates.

We Offer Three Levels of Assessment Services:

 Observation ReportCondition SurveyStandard Condition Assessment
Report SummaryA thorough visual assessment detailing the observed issues in the designated area(s).Detailed documentation of the problem area(s), quantifying both the precise location and the severity of visible defects and conditions.Analyzed data, comprehensive documentation of existing conditions, assessment of damage extent (if applicable), and a root cause analysis, culminating in expert repair recommendations.
Observed Deterioration
Deterioration Quantities ✔ ✔
Data & Lab Analysis
Root Cause Analysis   
repair recommendations.

Structural Condition Assessment

  • Building Inspection
  • Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Buildings 
  • Identify Structural Details (Rebar depth, size and spacing)
  • Assess Materials Characteristics 
  • Repair and Retrofit Design

Bridge Inspections

  • Building Inspections
  • Bridge Deck Condition Survey
  • Structural Assessment of Piers and Girders
  • Nondestructive Testing of Bridge Decks
  • Repair Design

Concrete Scanning and Imaging

  • Rebar Mapping by Ground Penetrating Radar 
  • Sub-surface scanning by Ultrasonic Pulse Tomography
  • Concrete thickness evaluation using Impact-Echo
  • Corrosion Potential Mapping
  • Concrete cover thickness evaluation

Corrosion Inspection

  • Corrosion inspection of Parking Garages
  • Corrosion inspection of Bridge Decks
  • Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping
  • Corrosion Rate Measurement
  • Service Life Design

Quality Control for Deep Foundations

  • Low Strain Pile Integrity Test (PIT)
  • Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) 
  • Crosshole Sonic Tomography 
  • Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP)
  • High Strain Integrity Test (Pile Dynamic Analysis)

Non Destructive Evaluation Of Concrete Defects

  • NDT-based Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Verify Uniformity and Homogeneity of Concrete
  • Estimate In-Place Concrete Strength
  • Assess Depth, Extent and Severity of Concrete Cracks
  • Nondestructive Evaluation of Cold Joints 
  • Determine Location of Delamination and Subsurface Defects

Concrete Repair and Rehabilitation

SAC Provides a wide range of advanced repair and rehabilitation solutions for concrete structures.

Our Field and Laboratory Testing Capabilities

Non-Destructive Testing

  • Visual inspection – site survey
  • Acoustic impact testing
  • Rebound hammer testing
  • Pachometer/GPR survey
  • Thermal imaging
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity testing
  • Impact echo testing

Semi-Destructive Testing

  • Exploratory excavations
  • Sample extraction
  • Load testing
  • Geotechnical analysis

Specialty Testing

  • Corrosion damage surveys
  • orrosion rate analysis
  • Concrete contamination (chloride and carbonation)
  • Concrete resistivity
  • Electrical continuity testing
  • Corrosion potential mapping
  • Linear polarization resistance (LPR)
  • Chloride and carbonation analysis
  • Half cell potential readings


We provide condition assessment for the existing and distressed structures by conducting Non Destructive test and partially destructive Testing based on International standards. Following tests shall be performed:

  • Ultra-Sonic Pulse Test
  • Re bound Hammer Test
  • Core Extraction test
  • Visual Inspection

Based on the tests results, repair methodologies will be specified on the distressed structures.