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Top Geotechnical Engineering Companies in UAE

Super Arc Consultant (SAC) Is one of the top engineering companies in the UAE specializes in geotechnical and structural conditional assessment for buildings, foundation issues, and more.

Top Geotechnical Engineering Companies in UAE
Top Geotechnical Engineering Companies in UAE
  1. Structural & Conditional assessment services.
  2. Geotechnical Engineering Services.
  3. Strengthening & Rehabilitation services.
  4. Non-Destructive testing services.
  5. Dilapidation Survey Services.
  6. Hydrological and hydraulic design, assessment and supervision 
  7. Infrastructure Design & Supervision
  8. Permitting
  9. Concept Design (Architectural engineering)

SAC have been commissioned to undertake a wide range of projects, ranging from small villas to large scale residential complexes and a variety of services.

Why Choose SAC

Geotechnical engineering, Soil improvement works

As a highly experienced firm in civil engineering consultancy, SAC offers a wide array of intricate engineering services. We are a local company with an engineering team having over 20 years of international and Middle East engineering experience. Our deep understanding of the region’s requirements has highlighted the importance of expert, impartial inspections.

In addition to our general expertise, we have a specialized focus on soil-related issues and their impact on buildings. Our experience in this specific field (Geotechnical Engineering & Structural engineering), make us well-equipped to provide comprehensive solutions to soil-related problems, ensuring the structural integrity and safety of your projects.

Visit our website: Engineering Consultant Abu Dhabi – SAC (superarc.net)

or contact us directly: Contact – SAC (superarc.net)

Trust us to elevate your construction projects with integrity and excellence.