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Geotechnical risks and hazards

Geotechnical risks and hazards related to the chemical contents of subsurface soil can pose significant challenges for engineering projects. When unstable chemical compounds dissolve into groundwater, it can lead to settlement-induced problems and other issues.

Here’s a more detailed description of these geotechnical risks and hazards:

Settlement Induced by Chemical Reactions:

The presence of certain chemical compounds, such as sulfate-rich soils, can undergo chemical reactions with the surrounding materials, leading to expansion, contraction, or dissolution. These reactions can result in ground settlement and affect the stability of structures.

Dissolution of Soluble Rocks:

In areas with soluble rocks, such as limestone or gypsum, the groundwater can dissolve these rocks over time, forming subsurface voids or sinkholes. This can result in sudden and unpredictable ground subsidence, posing risks to infrastructure and property.

Foundation Instability:

Settlement induced by chemical reactions can cause uneven settlement of structures, leading to structural damage, cracks, and reduced stability. Foundations may need to be designed and constructed to account for these settlement risks.

Remediation Challenges:

Dealing with chemical contamination and its geotechnical effects often requires costly and complex remediation efforts to mitigate risks, which can impact project budgets and timelines.

To address geotechnical risks and hazards due to chemical contents in subsurface soil, engineers and geologists must:

  • Conduct thorough site investigations and soil testing to identify the types and concentrations of chemical contaminants in the soil.
  • Evaluate the potential for chemical reactions and their impact on the subsurface.
  • Design foundations and structures that can accommodate settlement-induced by chemical reactions, such as using deep foundations or ground improvement techniques.
  • Monitor groundwater quality to ensure that contamination does not worsen during construction or over time.
  • It’s crucial for engineers to work closely with environmental experts and geotechnical specialists to assess and manage these geotechnical risks and hazards effectively, especially in areas where subsurface soil contains unstable chemical compounds that can lead to dissolution and settlement-induced problems.

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