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What is Estidama?

Advancing Sustainability in Abu Dhabi

a forward-thinking initiative called Estidama is leading a revolution in urban development, guiding us toward a sustainable and lively future. Estidama, an Arabic word for sustainability, embodies the smart approach of the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities (DPM) to blend environmental, economic, social, and cultural progress harmoniously.

Foundation of Sustainability

At its core, Estidama is a strong commitment to living sustainably, deeply tied to the values and history of this region. It’s a tribute to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, whose wisdom guides the Emirates towards a future balancing growth with responsibility. Sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s a moral and cultural duty, representing responsible governance and community development.

A Comprehensive Sustainability Plan

Estidama revolves around four key pillars: environmental, economic, social, and cultural sustainability. These pillars guide a comprehensive approach that goes beyond traditional planning and construction. The Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities works closely with Estidama to ensure sustainability is prioritized throughout a project’s lifecycle, from planning to operation.

Shaping a Better Future

Estidama isn’t just a set of rules or a checklist of tasks; it’s a way of thinking, a vision for a better life in the Arab world. The main goal of Estidama is to maintain Abu Dhabi’s unique identity while improving the residents’ quality of life. Achieving this involves thoughtful decisions about how we build, use resources, and make choices that impact daily life in Abu Dhabi.

Customized for the Region

Estidama is unique because it’s tailored to the Middle East region, considering its special cultural, climatic, and economic needs. It requires a change in how everyone involved in design, planning, and construction approaches their work, respecting local traditions and the region’s challenging climate. It encourages understanding of how sustainable developments can blend seamlessly with the community.

An Ever-Evolving Vision

Estidama is a dynamic and flexible program, not stuck in a rigid structure. It adapts to the changing sustainability landscape, guiding Abu Dhabi towards a brighter and more sustainable future. As sustainability ideas evolve, Estidama ensures they fit the specific environmental, social, cultural, and economic needs of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

A Shared Responsibility

Success with Estidama is a collective effort, requiring everyone in the Emirate to contribute to a better future. By embracing sustainable practices, we not only preserve our heritage but also prepare for generations to come, leaving behind a legacy of sustainability, prosperity, and peace.

Reach Out to Super Arc Consultant for Sustainable Home Designs

If you’re eager to embrace sustainability in your home, Super Arc Consultant is here to help. Partner with us to design and build homes that align with Estidama’s principles, promoting a sustainable and harmonious coexistence with our environment while honoring our cultural heritage. Together, we shape a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for Abu Dhabi and beyond.

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