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Super Arc Consultant (SAC)

We are a multi-disciplinary design and engineering consultancy firm providing services of all types of Architectural, Structural, Infrastructural and building assessment projects.

Why Choose SAC

As a highly experienced firm in civil engineering consultancy, SAC offers a wide array of intricate engineering services. We are a local company with an engineering team having over 20 years of international and Middle East engineering experience. Our deep understanding of the region’s requirements has highlighted the importance of expert, impartial inspections.

In addition to our general expertise, we have a specialized focus on soil-related issues and their impact on buildings. Our experience in this specific field (Geotechnical Engineering), make us well-equipped to provide comprehensive solutions to soil-related problems, ensuring the structural integrity and safety of your projects.

We have a reputation for tackling and resolving challenging engineering issues effectively. Our track record includes successfully overcoming complex engineering obstacles and providing innovative solutions to previously unsolved problems. Our focus has always been on delivering high-quality work while ensuring client satisfaction

Our Team

Super Arc Consultant’s success can be attributed to its highly skilled and experienced team. From architects and engineers to project managers and construction personnel, the company has assembled a talented workforce that shares a passion for creating extraordinary space


Mohammad Alhusein has more than27 years’ design, construction and project management experience as a civil engineer specializing in Structural & geotechnical engineering.

Head of Structural Department

Senior structural engineer with over 20 years of experience in structural engineering design, extensive knowledge of engineering principles, codes, and regulations.

Head of Architectural Department

Senior architect-engineer with over 11+ years’ experience in designing residential, industrial, and commercial buildings

Expert Guidance, Lasting Results

Through their dedication and expertise, Super Arc Consultant consistently delivers projects that exceed client expectations, both in terms of quality and timeliness.